Help and FAQs is an online outsourcing platform where clients and freelancers meet to satisfy their urge. On this platform, while clients have access to countless of services, freelancers are also allowed to display their services to millions of users that visit the site in search of services they need. Also, you can create Ads for your services or product to reach out to more buyers.

Click on the register button on the right-top corner of the platform.
Based on your interest, select between the choice of being a "BUYER" or a "VENDOR" at the next page that appears before you.
As a freelancer, the next page you will see requires you to fill in your personal details and store details. While as a buyer, you are required to input your personal information alone.
After this, your journey as a user begins, then you can explore as you wish on the platform.

At Savicon, only people who meet up with the following criteria are allowed to allowed;
You must be above age 12.
You must be sane.
You must have no disability that can affect the quality of your services.

As a freelancer, at, you do not need an office or a workshop, all you need is to upload your details.
Placing your Ads here, you will be reimbursed with higher patronage than you can obtain at physical offices because everyone within your locality can access you.

No charges are involved in becoming a user of platform. You just need to create an account and create your Ads.

Finding services you needed is stress-free at Savicon, once you land on the platform, you’ll see a box where you can surf for a variety of skills, pick the state of location, then hit the search button. does not guarantee the credibility of any of the parties involved, therefore, it will not be liable for any form of fraud between the two sides.

After negotiation and agreement on the necessary terms and conditions between the two parties, the freelancer gets paid after delivering his/her services to the client outside the platform of Savycon.

Once a prospective client meets a freelance of his/her choice at, and the services to be rendered has been discussed to conclusion, contact of both parties will be made available for further discussion on a meeting point outside the platform. is an online platform that can be accessed from any part of the world, but it services are rendered to users within the province of Nigeria.

Ads for your product or services can only be created once you log in as a user on the platform. After logging in, you will click on a button at the top-right corner of the page indicating create Ad.

A forgotten password isn’t an issue; you can reset your password by clicking the forgot password button and the next page that appears asks you to input your mail and a link for password reset is sent to your E-mail after clicking the button below the input box.